Investigating Accounting Group

Fraud Prevention and Detention

Are you aware that the typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud?

In a recent study of fraud, small organizations (100 employees or fewer) actually suffer larger median losses from fraud than large organizations (10,000+ employees).  Small businesses are less likely to be able to survive such losses and should better protect themselves from fraud.

Parissi P.S.C can help you assess your fraud risks and create safeguards for organizations of all sizes. Among our team are professional with the following certifications, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA) and Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), with hands on experience in this area and ready to serve you.

Litigation Support

Parissi’s investigative accounting professionals provide innovative, credible litigation support. Whether it’s an alternative source of information, or a unique method of damage measurement, we have the knowledge and experience to be innovators in our field.

Our clients have come to count on our expert assistance in preparing interrogatories and requests for documents.  Our consultants attend depositions of fact, assist in the review of the opposition’s work product and help develop probing questions designed to uncover financial facts essential to your case. In addition, Parissi P.S.C professionals provide expert testimony in depositions and at trial. We offer financial and tax advice to help you persuasively present your case and rebut the opposition’s measurement of damages.

Furthermore, we evaluate and document with supporting detail the amount of damages.  This is critical in fraud and defalcation situations in order to enhance the potential for full prosecution and restitution.

Our litigation support services include:

Expert testimony
Trial preparation
Financial motive
Business valuation
Economic damages
Loss of profits
Business disputes
Financial condition review