Corporate Finance

 Business Valuation

Valuing a company requires more than the application of technical models. It requires the ability to understand business operations, economic and industrial conditions, tax laws, and the knowledge of the current capital markets. The valuation professionals at Parissi P.S.C provide business owners with sound, realistic valuation services and strategies that meet their long-range goals. The reports are based on a combination of technical skills and practical experience that adhere to the standards set forth by professional valuation organizations.

Due Diligence

As companies seek new avenues toward growth via mergers, acquisitions or other sources of investment capital, demand is rising for thorough, intelligent due diligence.

With research showing as many as half of all business combination efforts fail, the importance of comprehensive due diligence at the outset cannot be overstated. A financial due diligence project will investigate an entity’s financial health by gaining an understanding of the business and its value drivers. Parissi’s investigation and report in each due diligence project focuses on those issues that most interest or concern the client, including:

The quality of cash flows, both historic and projected;

Operating assets and liabilities

Overall accounting systems

Internal controls and physical inventory

Merger and Acquisitions

Buying or selling a company is a complex and often a lengthy process.  A successful transaction requires the assistance of advisors with a combination of technical and practical experience to reduce the risks associated with the ownership transition

Buy Side Advisory

A successful acquisition requires that buyers have a thorough understanding of the company’s industry, competitive position, markets and customers, and financial management and performance.  They must also be knowledgeable about the quality of resources, effectiveness of systems and existence of liabilities—disclosed and undisclosed.  Finally, a price must be set and the transaction must be structured that is agreeable to both buyer and seller.

Because Parissi P.S.C professionals have managed many acquisitions, we can augment the buyer’s ability to ensure a successful transaction.  Our combination of technical and practical experience helps to reduce the risks associated with acquiring a business—through effective pricing, structuring, investigation and negotiation.

Sell Side Advisory

Because the process consumes a great deal of time and energy for everyone involved, it can be very disruptive if not handled properly.  While the company needs to be actively marketed, realizing a full sales price also depends upon preserving confidentiality. Parissi P.S.C professionals work with clients to carefully control the sale process, thus avoiding potential harm to the company.

Before the process begins, a range of values the owner can reasonably expect to realize must be developed.  Valuing a company requires an understanding of the business and industry—as well as the current condition of the deal market.