Our Firm is uniquely qualified to perform services in areas such as the following:

GASB 34 Consultation – Preparation of financial statements including note disclosures – coordination of all efforts with external auditors and serve as liaison between management and the auditors – thus facilitating the audit process; providing sound technical advice as to different alternatives of financial accounting and reporting. This would allow management to dedicate less time to the external audit process, and invest that time in more critical internal projects.

Preparation and Implementation of Corrective Action Plans – Our vast experience provide us with the right tools to assist you in responding to findings reports issued by the Puerto Rico Controller’s Office, the Federal Government and any other regulation agency. Also, this experience allows us to help you develop and implement management corrective action plans.

Management Letters from External Auditors – Evaluation of the matters included in the letter of recommendations issued by the external auditors and overseeing implementation of the management corrective action plans addressing this letter.