License to Practice in Puerto Rico
The Firm and all its Certified Public Accountants are properly licensed to practice and registered to conduct business in Puerto Rico. A copy of the Firm’s registration certificate is available upon request. Resumes of all principal firm professionals are included within the proposal.

Conducting our practice in accordance with the highest ethical standards and professionalism is one of our fundamental responsibilities. All partners, managers, and client service staff are periodically required to complete a detailed independence and conflict of interest questionnaire. This ensures that any relationship which could affect, or appear to affect, our independence is disclosed and resolved.

Authorization to Represent the Firm
Parissi, P.S.C. hereby certifies that the Firm’s Partners, Wallace Rodríguez Parissi, Carlos Vázquez and Wigberto Marcano, are duly authorized to represent the Firm in its relation with clients and prospective clients. Accordingly, the above partners are authorized to sign any documents and contracts, and to compromise the Firm in its services you. A duly completed Corporate Resolution shall be submitted upon request.

Other Certifications
Parissi, P.S.C. is in good standing with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and all Federal and Puerto Rico government entities. Parissi, P.S.C. has not been debarred, suspended or otherwise precluded from participating in any public procurement activity.