Optical fibers, wireless, digital transmission, the Internet, satellite television, VOIP and moving video… all of these create new opportunities, new ideas and new statutory requirements for your companies.  In the ever-evolving world of telecommunications, as indeed, as in any technology-driven industry, keeping up with the accounting, tax and statutory changes can be a challenging task.  The complexity of the telecommunications arena demands access to specific knowledge from your accounting and tax consultants.  You need an advisor that keeps up the pace with this industry; Parissi P.S.C is that advisor.

Parissi P.S.C understands the intricacies of the telecommunications field and have the resources to advise any telecommunications company’s interest in the Island.  We serve programming providers (cable and satellite), telephone companies, internet providers and hardware distributors. Our ample experience and expertise derived from specifics training in that area, make our professionals able to advise our clients on changes needed to conform and succeed in an environment of evolving case law, legislation and regulations.