Retail & Wholesale


Sustaining a competitive advantage is the hallmark of today’s retailing environment. As consumers have shifted their buying criteria to demand more value, better service and greater convenience, retailers must adapt the way they offer services to meet these evolving consumer needs. Retailers are constantly challenged to streamline operations and increase revenues while striving to meet customer demands in a competitive environment.  Expanding operations can create additional concern. Retailers must provide a consistent, positive customer experience at a time when online sales continue to redefine the relationship between buyer and seller.

At Parissi P.S.C we are privileged to work with exceptional clients across the retail and consumer products sectors. The success of our firm is founded on making a difference on each and every engagement with these clients. To achieve this, our professionals have ample experience in the retail industry and share our values and are driven to make a positive impact.


The rise of Internet technology, consolidation from the retail side to the supplier side and the challenge of generating growth from a stagnant pool of retail customers are among the primary concerns of wholesalers and distributors today. Whether you are looking to develop new business or simply maintain the business you already have, strategic planning, targeting tactics, employee compensation, and customer relationship management are now, more than ever, essential ingredients of any good business plan. They have created opportunities for new areas of growth in the wholesale and distribution industry.

We are a leader with significant experience in working and providing professional services to all segments of the wholesale and distribution industry. Our professionals provide valuable insight, advice and solutions in the areas of process improvement, technology implementation, warehouse productivity and financial management. This specialization by industry allows us to provide our clients with opportunities that will help them maximize their operations and achieve profitability.